2e Scherm Voor Laptop

2nd Screen For Laptop

Get More Out of Your Laptop: Why a 2nd Screen is a Gamechanger

In today's dynamic world, multitasking is not just a skill; it is a necessity. Whether you're a professional looking to maximize productivity, a student who needs to manage several projects at once, or a creative soul looking to expand your canvas, a 2nd screen for your laptop can significantly add to your efficiency and workflow. At Displaytje we understand the importance of this need and are here to guide you through the benefits and how to make the best choice for a portable 2nd screen.

The Benefits of a 2nd Screen for Your Laptop

  1. Increased Productivity: Multiple studies show that using a second screen can increase productivity by 20-30%. This is because users have to switch less between apps and windows, which saves time and increases focus.

  2. Enhanced Multitasking: A 2nd screen lets you monitor and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Think of running a presentation on one screen while taking notes or doing research on the other.

  3. Flexibility and Mobility: A portable 2nd screen for your laptop gives you the freedom to easily customize your workspace to suit your needs, whether you're working from home, in a café, or on the go.

  4. More Room for Creativity: For designers, video editors, and other creative professionals, an additional screen provides much-needed space to use creative tools and programs side by side, making it easier to visualize and edit projects.

Tips for Choosing a Portable 2nd Screen for your Laptop

  1. Size and Resolution: Consider a screen that is large enough to increase your working comfort, but still remains portable. A 15-inch screen is often a good balance between visibility and portability. Also make sure the resolution is compatible with your laptop to ensure the best image quality.

  2. Connectivity: Make sure the 2nd screen can easily be connected to your laptop. USB-C, HDMI, and Thunderbolt are common options that provide a simple and fast connection.

  3. Portability: If you change your workspace often, choose a lightweight and thin model that fits easily in your laptop bag or backpack.

  4. Energy efficiency: An energy-efficient 2nd screen ensures that both your laptop and the external display last longer on the battery, especially important when you're on the go.

Display: Your Partner for Portable 2nd Screens

At Displaytje we are committed to providing high-quality, portable 2nd screens that work perfectly with your laptop. Our products are designed for mobility, comfort, and efficiency. We understand that every user has unique needs and therefore offer a range of options to meet every need.

  • Easy Installation: Our screens are designed for plug-and-play, so you can get started right away without complicated setup.
  • Compatibility: We ensure that our screens are compatible with the most common laptop models and operating systems.
  • Quality and Durability: Our screens are not only beautiful and functional, but also tested for durability, so your investment will last a long time.
  • Support: Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you with questions or assistance with installation.


Adding a 2nd screen to your laptop setup can have a huge impact on how you work and play. It offers the opportunity to increase your productivity, improve your multitasking skills, and take your creative projects to the next level. At Displaytje, we're proud to be part of your journey to a more efficient workstyle through high-quality, portable 2nd screen solutions. Discover today how an extra screen can transform your laptop experience and give yourself the freedom to be productive anywhere.

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