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Best Portable Displays

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Display Portable Displays

In an era where mobility and flexibility are becoming increasingly important in our work and private lives, portable displays have become an indispensable part of the toolkit of modern professionals and technology enthusiasts. Displaytje, a leading brand in the world of portable monitors, offers a range of options that combine functionality, quality and ease of use. In this ultimate guide, we'll take you through the best Displaytje portable displays so you can find the perfect match for your needs.

ClearView (1080p) - The Reliable All-rounder

Displaytje's ClearView (1080p) model is known for its reliability and versatility. With a clear 1080p resolution, this 15.6-inch screen offers a sharp and clear image for both work and play. This model is particularly suitable for those looking for a high-quality display that is mobile without sacrificing image quality. Whether you have to give presentations, do graphic design, or simply need a second screen for your laptop, the ClearView (1080p) is an excellent choice.

ClearView Touch (1080p) - The Interactive Revolution

For those who want to take their interaction with digital content a step further, the ClearView Touch (1080p) model offers all the benefits of the ClearView (1080p) but adds touch functionality. This feature takes your work and gaming experience to the next level by enabling direct interaction. It's perfect for creative professionals, such as graphic designers and video editors, who value a tactile experience during their creative process.

ProVision (4k) - The Definition of Ultra High Definition

The ProVision (4k) model is the ultimate choice for ultra high definition enthusiasts. With an impressive 4k resolution, this 15.6-inch display offers an unparalleled viewing experience with crystal clear images and vibrant colors. Whether you edit high-end videos, enjoy the latest games in 4k or simply want the best image quality for watching movies, the ProVision (4k) will meet all your needs.

ProVision Touch (4k) - The Peak of Performance and Interactivity

For the absolute top in portable monitor technology, there is the ProVision Touch (4k) . This model combines the breathtaking 4k resolution of the ProVision (4k) with the added touch functionality, for the ultimate experience for both work and play. This display is ideal for professionals and tech enthusiasts who not only want the best image quality, but also the ability to interact with their content.

Why Choose Displaytje Portable Displays?

Mobility and Flexibility

All Displaytje screens are designed with mobility in mind. Their slim and lightweight design makes it easy to take them anywhere, so you can stay productive in any environment.

Quality and Reliability

Displaytje is known for the excellent quality of their products. Each display is carefully designed and built to ensure durable and reliable performance.

Ease of use

With plug-and-play functionality and compatibility with multiple devices and operating systems, Displaytje portable displays provide a seamless user experience without the need for complicated installation processes.


Whether you're a professional who needs the best tools on the go, a creative mind who values ​​high quality and interaction, or simply someone who wants to improve their digital experience, Displaytje's portable displays offer something for everyone. With the ClearView and ProVision series, Displaytje offers a range of options that combine top quality with ease of use and flexibility. Choose the model that best suits your needs and experience for yourself why Displaytje portable displays are considered the best of their kind.

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