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Portable display

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Portable Display

In the age where mobility and flexibility are essential aspects of our daily lives, the devices we use play a crucial role in how efficient and enjoyable our daily routine can be. One of those game-changing devices is the 'portable display', an instrument that not only transforms the way we work but also enriches our leisure activities. If you're looking for the perfect portable display for work, study or entertainment, you're in luck. Displaytje has a range that certainly meets your needs. In this blog post, we'll walk through the features of our offerings - ClearView, ClearView Touch, ProVision, and ProVision Touch - to help you make the best choice.

What is a Portable Display?

Before we dive into the specific models that Displaytje offers, let's first understand what a portable display entails. A portable display, as the name suggests, is a compact, lightweight screen that is easy to transport. These displays can be connected to your laptop, smartphone, or even some cameras, making them an ideal choice for professionals, students, gamers, and content creators who are often on the go or want to expand their workspace without sacrificing quality or performance.

The ClearView Series: 1080p for a clear and sharp image

Starting with our entry-level models, the ClearView and ClearView Touch, these 15.6-inch portable displays offer a Full HD 1080p resolution that delivers bright and sharp images whether you're working on graphic design, watching movies, or poring over spreadsheets. What sets the ClearView Touch apart is the addition of touchscreen functionality, allowing for a more interactive experience, ideal for presentations or creative projects.

On to 4K with the ProVision Series

For users who want to go a step further in terms of image quality, Displaytje offers the ProVision and ProVision Touch portable displays. These 15.6-inch screens take your visual experience to the next level with their 4K resolution, delivering unparalleled sharp and detailed images. The ProVision Touch further extends functionality with its touchscreen capabilities, making it a perfect choice for professionals and creatives who need precision and flexibility in their work.

The Importance of Portability and Ease of Use

All Displaytje models are designed for maximum portability and ease of use. Weighing just a few kilograms and with a compact design, these portable displays are easy to transport, allowing your office or entertainment setup to go anywhere. The simple plug-and-play functionality means you don't waste time with complicated installation processes; it's just a matter of connecting and getting started right away.

Who needs a Portable Display?

Portable displays aren't just for a niche audience. In fact, almost all professionals, students, and home users can benefit from the extra screen real estate. Whether you are a graphic designer who needs to do detail work, a student who needs to multitask between research projects, or a gamer who wants to take his gaming experience mobile, a portable display from Displaytje offers the perfect solution.


Choosing the right portable display can significantly increase your productivity and enjoyment. Whether you choose the affordable yet impressive ClearView series or want the sensational 4K ProVision series, Displaytje offers a range to meet your specific needs. Consider what your priorities are – resolution, portability, touchscreen functionality – and make an informed choice from there.

Your ideal work or entertainment partner awaits you at Displaytje. Discover our portable displays today and experience the perfect balance between performance, quality and mobility.

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