Portable Monitor For Travel

Portable Monitor For Travel

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Portable Monitor for Travel in 2023

Do you often travel for work or pleasure and find that your standard laptop screen just doesn't cut it for your multitasking needs? Maybe you're a digital nomad, constantly looking for the balance between work and exploration. Regardless of your situation, a portable monitor for travel can be the game-changer you're looking for. In this guide, we take an in-depth look at the best portable monitors Displaytje has to offer – from ClearView to ProVision Touch – so you can choose the perfect travel companion for your 2023 adventures.

Why a Portable Monitor is indispensable for Travelers

Before we dive into the specific models, let's take a moment to discuss why a portable monitor is such an important tool for travelers. First, it significantly expands your workspace, which helps increase your productivity. It also offers the flexibility to work comfortably anywhere, whether that's in a coffee shop, hotel room or airport lounge. In addition, entertainment on the go – such as watching movies or gaming – is a lot more enjoyable on a larger screen.

ClearView: Your Affordable, Yet Powerful Travel Companion

The ClearView portable monitor is the entry-level option within the Displaytje range, with a solid 1080p resolution and 15.6 inch screen diagonal. This monitor is specially designed for the budget-conscious traveler who does not want to compromise on quality. The thin and light design makes it ideal for on the go, without sacrificing performance.

ClearView Touch: Expand Your Interaction

For those looking for a little more interaction, the ClearView Touch version offers all the benefits of the standard ClearView, but with the added convenience of a touchscreen. This is ideal for creative professionals such as graphic designers or video editors who value direct manipulation of their projects.

ProVision: The Choice for Ultra-HD Enthusiasts

For travelers who prefer ultra-HD, Displaytje introduces the ProVision portable monitor. With an impressive 4k resolution, ProVision ensures that every pixel counts, whether you're editing images, watching high-quality content, or enjoying the latest games in ultimate clarity.

ProVision Touch: The Ultimate Combination of Resolution and Interactivity

The ProVision Touch brings the best of both worlds together by combining an incredible 4k resolution with the functionality of a touchscreen. This portable monitor is perfect for the professional who is on the road and needs both high levels of detail and flexibility.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Portable Monitor for Travel?

When choosing the perfect portable monitor for travel, it is important to take into account some crucial aspects:

  • Resolution & Screen Size : Depending on your needs, a 1080p monitor may be sufficient, or you may prefer the sharpness of a 4k screen. All options are 15.6 inches, giving it an ideal balance between portability and ease of use.

  • Touchscreen Functionality : Consider whether touchscreen functionality can improve your workflow. For some tasks it can be very valuable, while for others it may be unnecessary.

  • Portability : All Displaytje models are designed with travel in mind. Still, it's useful to compare the weight and thickness of each monitor to see which best suits your mobility needs.

  • Price : Set a budget that is comfortable for you and consider which model offers the best value within that budget.


A portable monitor for travel can be a significant upgrade to your travel experience, whether you're working or relaxing. With the variety of options that Displaytje offers, from the affordable ClearView to the luxurious ProVision Touch, there is a perfect travel monitor for every traveler in 2023. It is important to evaluate your needs and make a choice that best suits your digital lifestyle. suits. Start exploring the world today with Displaytje and transform your travel productivity and enjoyment!

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