Portable Monitor With Wireless Connection

Portable Monitor With Wireless Connection

Change Your Digital Landscape: Wireless, Portable, Display

In an age where work and play are inextricably linked to screens, the demand for more versatile, efficient and high-quality displays has exploded. At Displaytje we understand this need and answer it with our range of portable monitors with wireless connection. In particular, our models: ClearView, ClearView Touch, ProVision and ProVision Touch, all with an impressive 15.6-inch screen size, are the perfect allies in the evolution of your digital experience.

Why a Portable Monitor with Wireless Connection?

In today's dynamic world, flexibility is not a luxury, but a necessity. Working from a café, giving a presentation without the hassle of cables, or enjoying your favorite series while traveling - it requires equipment that does not compromise on quality or comfort. A portable monitor with wireless connection offers not only the ease of movement but also the freedom of connectivity - an unprecedented advantage for professionals and entertainment enthusiasts.

ClearView & ClearView Touch: Perfection in 1080p

Make no mistake, Displaytje's ClearView line is more than just a pretty face. With their 1080p Full-HD resolution, they offer crystal clear images, making every pixel count, whether you're working on graphic design or enjoying a movie night. The ClearView Touch adds an extra dimension with its touchscreen functionality, making interaction with your content more intuitive than ever.

ProVision & ProVision Touch: 4K UHD, Maximize Your Visual Experience

For those who want to go a step further, we offer our ProVision series. These portable monitors take your visual experience to the next level with their 4K Ultra-HD resolution. The sharpness, color precision and level of detail are unparalleled, making ProVision and ProVision Touch the ultimate choice for professionals and cinephiles. And like their ClearView counterparts, the ProVision Touch offers an interactive touch experience that puts your projects and entertainment literally at your fingertips.

Connectivity without Borders

Our portable monitors are designed for ease of use and versatility. The wireless connection offers seamless integration with your existing devices, making unnecessary cables and adapters a thing of the past. Whether you're sharing a presentation from your laptop, enlarging your mobile screen or adding a second screen to your workstation, Displaytje's portable monitors offer a reliable and efficient solution.

Freedom and Flexibility in Your Hands

The 15.6-inch screen size of our models has been carefully chosen to provide a balance between portability and viewing comfort. Big enough for an immersive viewing experience, but compact enough to take anywhere. The long battery life and robust, yet lightweight construction ensure that our monitors not only broaden your digital horizons but also become your most reliable travel companions.

Displaytje Promises Quality and Innovation

At Displaytje we stand behind our products. We believe that technology has the potential to enrich and simplify our daily lives. That is why we focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our wireless portable monitors are designed to revolutionize your digital experience, whether you're working, learning or playing.


In the search for the ultimate portable monitor with wireless connection, Displaytje offers a range of options that do not compromise on quality, ease of use or aesthetics. The ClearView and ProVision models, each with their own specific benefits, are your gateway to a world where boundaries fade and possibilities seem endless. Discover the freedom and flexibility that Displaytje's technology offers you and change your digital landscape today.

Don't wait any longer to take your digital experience to the next level. Let Displaytje guide you to a future where technology and convenience go hand in hand. Choose the perfect balance between quality and mobility. Choose Displaytje's portable monitors with wireless connection.

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