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What is IPS Screen

What is an IPS Screen? A Complete Overview

In a world where technology permeates our daily lives, screens have become indispensable. Whether it's our smartphones, laptops, tablets or monitors, the type of screen we use has a significant impact on our visual experience. Among the various technologies available, IPS (In-Plane Switching) stands head and shoulders when we talk about color accuracy, viewing angles and brightness. But what exactly is an IPS screen, and why would you choose this type of display? In this article we discover the many advantages of IPS screens.

What is an IPS Screen?

IPS is a type of LCD panel technology that provides superior image quality by using a different approach to orienting the liquid crystals. Unlike traditional TN (Twisted Nematic) panels, IPS panels arrange the crystals parallel to the panel, resulting in extended viewing angles and improved color reproduction.

Advantages of an IPS Screen

  1. Excellent Color Accuracy IPS screens are loved by professionals working in the graphics industry for their impressive color accuracy. These screens offer a wide color gamut that ensures vibrant and accurate color reproduction.

  2. Consistent Viewing Angles Another significant advantage of IPS screens is their ability to display images consistently regardless of viewing angle. This means that you see the colors and brightness virtually unchanged, even when you look at the screen from oblique angles.

  3. Higher Brightness IPS panels are also known for their high brightness and better visibility in brightly lit environments. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor scenarios or in well-lit rooms.

Applications of IPS Screens

Given the advantages, IPS screens are ideal for a wide range of applications. Professional photographers, video editors and graphic designers often prefer IPS screens because of their accurate color reproduction. Likewise, due to its strong performance under various lighting conditions, IPS displays are preferred when using mobile devices and laptops.


The technology behind the IPS screen offers a number of substantial advantages over traditional screen technologies such as TN. With its superior color accuracy, wide viewing angles and high brightness, the IPS panel meets the needs of both professional image editors and everyday users seeking a top-quality visual experience. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the slightly higher price compared to TN panels, but for many the improved image quality more than outweighs the extra costs. With the continued advancements in display technology, IPS will surely continue to dominate in terms of quality screen experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are IPS screens more expensive than TN panels? A: Yes, in general IPS screens are more expensive due to the more advanced technology and better image quality they offer.

Q: Are IPS screens good for gaming? A: IPS screens can be excellent for gaming, especially because of their excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angles. However, take response time into account as some IPS screens may have a slower response time than TN screens.

Q: Can I use an IPS screen for office work? A: Absolutely. The color accuracy and wide viewing angles can increase productivity and ease of use, especially in work scenarios where accurate color is important.

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