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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portable monitor?

A portable – 'portable' – screen is a handy addition to your laptop, tablet or smartphone when you're on the road . It provides extra screen space and flexibility.

How do you connect a monitor to a laptop?

With USB-C

Connect the USB-C cable to the monitor and to your laptop.


Connect the HDMI cable to the monitor and your laptop. Then connect the USB-C cable to the monitor and the power adapter.

Can you connect a portable monitor to an iPhone/smartphone?

Yes, you can connect your phone to a portable monitor. Make sure that your phone has a USB-C port. Otherwise you need a USB-C adapter.

Is there any special software needed to use a portable screen?

No, no software or program is required. Connect your screen and start immediately.

Can I use a portable monitor for gaming?

Yes, portable monitors can be used for gaming. Our screens offer high resolutions and 10-bit color depth for an immersive gaming experience.

Can I connect the display to my MacBook?

Yes that is possible. Use a USB-C port to connect the display.