About us

About us

Display: A Dutch Brand with a Mission

The idea for Displaytje arose from a personal necessity. I use my laptop every day for my work as a programmer, and I like to work with multiple screens. During my search, I discovered that finding the right portable displays was quite a challenge. The market was saturated with options from major e-commerce platforms, but none of them felt "right." There was my moment of realization – the need for a specialized, reliable and Dutch brand for portable displays.

What Makes Displaytje Different?

At Displaytje we understand that it is not just about having a product in stock, but about the entire experience. That is why our screens are equipped with:

  • Own Brand Identity: Each screen carries our logo, a symbol of quality and trust.
  • Personal Manual: Designed with the user in mind, in plain English.

A one-man mission

I am the founder behind Displaytje, who runs this company in addition to my permanent job as a programmer. My drive? To offer you, the user, not just a product but a solution. A tool that says, "this is useful, looks good, and makes my life easier."

Stay Connected

Your feedback and interaction are the core of our growth. Follow us, talk to us, and become part of our journey:

At Displaytje we are committed to quality, service and your satisfaction.